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EThistleŽ Information for Healthcare Professionals

What is EThistleŽ?
Why should I recommend EThistleŽ to my patients?
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Clinical Studies

What is EThistle? EThistleŽ is the first supplement to combine milk thistle and vitamin E in one formula to promote a healthy liver. Recent research studies have observed the beneficial effects milk thistle and vitamin E have on liver wellness.

The EThistleŽ Formula


(from milk thistle seed extract)

360 mg daily

Milk thistle (silybum marianum) is an ancestor of the daisy family. Flavanoid complexes from milk thistle's seeds, fruit, and leaves are extracted for medicinal use. Historically, milk thistle has been used for liver, spleen and gallbladder health.

The liver keeps the body healthy and free of environmental toxins. Milk thistle's powerful antioxidant properties support normal liver function by blocking free radical oxygenation of fat and cell membranes.1

Vitamin E

400 IU daily

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that also serves as a powerful antioxidant that protects your liver's function and overall health against the effect of free radicals.2


Why should I recommend EThistleŽ to my patients?

EThistleŽ's unique formula supplies the recommended daily doses of milk thistle and vitamin E for liver health in only two easy-to-swallow daily caplets.

Patients enjoy convenient home delivery plus substatial savings.

The optional EThistleŽ AutoDelivery Program automatically replenishes patients' EThistleŽ before their supply runs out. In addition, the program saves patients an additional 10% which can be combined with the multiple bottle discount.


FREE Patient Samples & Literature
Cass Labs offers free patient samples and literature for physician's offices. We also offer our unique autodelivery program for regular deliveries of patients samples and literature to your office. If you are interested, please call 1-888-LIVER01 (548-3701) or email samples@betterliver.com.

EThistleŽ Patient Information Sheet
For your convenience, below is a patient information sheet available for download. This one-pager is designed as an informational handout to print out for your patients to learn about liver health and EThistleŽ. Click below to download the Patient Information Sheet.

Patient Information Sheet and Order Form - Adobe Reader (.pdf)

Clinical Studies

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